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Solutions architecture

Teams of genuine solutions and integration architects, able to take a step back and make appropriate architecture decisions but always with real, hands on experience of major systems.

Agile development

Experts in agile development. From facilitating agile user stories workshops for gathering requirements to complete agile development life cycles.

  • Uncoordinated decisions about ICT

    ICT decision making can often be ad hoc and short term.

  • Coordinate your players...

    Enterprise architecture coordinates the various components of an organisation so that everyone is aiming at the same goal.

  • The key to successful use of ICT in healthcare

  • Real traceability...

    EA Light insistst that the drivers and goals of an enterprise be meaninful. This allows them to be understood and truly used by your staff enabling traceability from lower level deliverables.

  • Understand your capabilities

    Capability modelling is our recommended approach. It is rapid and enables an evolvable, responsive organisation

Enterprise Architecture Light (EA light) is a method that has been developed to allow organisations to quickly apply enterprise architecture techniques. It helps the organisation to develop an ICT strategy and quickly reap the benefits of enterprise architecture. It adopts some of the principles of agile programming practice:

  • It places trust in the skills of the individual, allowing them to document decisions quickly and simply.
  • It emphasises individual communication over documented communication with customers and colleagues.
  • It believes in the importance of sharing information widely and freely within the organisation.
  • It is focussed on productivity over method. In this case, productivity is measured in the making and recording of organisational and architectural strategic decisions.
  • It supports self-organising teams, providing space within an overall governance process for them to do architecture their own way.
  • It is designed to cope rapidly and effectively with change, supporting continuous delivery of strategy.

About Us

XML Solutions was started in 2007 by a group of experienced healthcare ICT architects who realised that many of the NHS’s most expensive technology decisions were being made without systematic approaches for making those decisions, and by individuals with limited coalface experience in the NHS (including ourselves).

Since then, the team has gone on to obtain some of that coalface experience, engaging closely with trusts and clinicians. We have grown a strong team of associates, including many of the UK’s most experienced healthcare technologists, and a cohort of highly experienced clinicians, who want to contribute to making sure Healthcare ICT is implemented in a manner that makes sense to the business and will bring measurable results for patients.

  • Highly experienced architects and developers

    XML Solutions provides architect consultants and developers of the highest calibre from our team, or a range of associates and partner companies.

  • A network of consulting clincians

    After years in the healthcare industry, XML Solutions has built up a network of clinicians who we consult regularly to ensure our work remains in touch. This allows us, and our clients, to benefit from clinical consultation at our fingertips.

  • Experienced in real agile delivery

    XML Solutions was founded with agile principles at its core, and has extensive experience implementing agile delivery, and training others in its use.

  • A selection of the most usable and advanced healthcare products

    XML Solutions prefers to provide its products free to the NHS, and so most of our products are open source. View our selection of clinical products, as well as developer tools, here.

What others say about us

Sari Mckinnon

The team at XML Solutions have been working with [us] to support future eHealth and information exchange capabilities.   XML Solutions introduced strong methodology and architecture development processes that we continue to use to support ongoing solution and architecture activities.

Sari MckinnonDirector - Solutions, Architecture, StandardsMinistry of Health Holdings, Singapore
James Walker

[XML solutions] has a deep and expert knowledge of NHS IT infrastructure and of cutting edge developments in the world of ICT. They provided me with expert consultation on the development of an Enterprise Architecture for a national NHS work programme. Some of these recommendations are now being implemented and providing a benchmark for the NHS in improved service delivery as a benefit of the emerging Enterprise Architecture.

James WalkerCIONational Screening Committee
David Pastor

XML Solutions have been wonderful to work with: They quickly understood the challenges faced by a children’s hospice and were able to listen to and make sense of the thoughts of a varied group of people before translating those views into a consolidated ICT strategy.

David PastorCEOClaire House Childrens Hospice
Richard Pugmire

[XML Solutions] knowledge and experience with enterprise healthcare systems has been invaluable and is a very rare commodity we are fortunate to be able to rely on.

Richard PugmireChief ArchitectLeeds Teaching Hospitals
Rob Shaw

XML solutions have proved to be a highly capable technical consultancy through a number of engagements with NHS Digital and its predecessor organisations. Their messaging capability was invaluable when designing the in-sourcing of spine and latterly they have contributed significantly to the development of strategies and development of solutions to meet future health and care needs.

Rob ShawChief Operating OfficerNHS Digital
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