Forms4Care means easy to install, truly usable, healthcare forms for clinicians!

Forms4health is an open standards based application that has been developed by established healthcare specialists XML Solutions. This digital healthcare forms framework was developed by XML Solutions in 2012 and 2014 saw the technology extended to allow easy integration of the product into Electronic Patient Record (EPR) systems providing a flexible platform for clinical data entry.

Forms4Health is now utilised by Leeds Teaching Hospital Trust, providing 40,000 digital forms per month at this site alone. At LTHT Forms4Health supports an estate of 2,500 inpatient beds together with critical care and day case beds, over 14,000 staff across six sites, treating around a million patients a year. Forms4Health also forms the basis of the city wide Leeds Care Record as well as the technology underlying the Yorkshire Cancer Network.

Electronic forms are increasingly required to support NHS England’s driver for a paperless NHS. Some approaches to electronic records such as paper scanning are useful for historical records, however they do not support a key goal of NHS England – namely Digital capture at the point of care.

With ever evolving clinical processes and central collection and reporting requirements NHS institutions require flexible electronic forms solutions that allow forms to be rapidly designed and deployed with little or no technical intervention. At the same time – to support clinicians and decision support – the solution must have the power to be able to capture structured and coded clinical data that is retained in the patient’s electronic record.

  • Minimise the time completing forms

  • Pre-populated form data

  • Calculated values – e.g. BMI

  • Conditional behaviour

    depending on patient data – age, gender, clinical information

  • Re-usable form sections

    reducing costs, risk, training and increasing harmonisation between different teams

  • Structured and coded clinical data

  • Mobile and tablet friendly

  • Deployable standalone or plugged into another healthcare system.

    Deployable standalone or plugged into another healthcare system.

The need for forms?

Clearly there are many benefits for having electronic patient records, however the challenge of usurping paper should not be underestimated: paper is a cheap, fast, flexible and portable medium that is hard to dislodge. In particular paper readily supports the key activity of collecting information at the point of care. Electronic forms solutions for replacing paper must thus minimise the burden on the form filler and be available on portable devices such as iPhones / iPads and Android phones and tablets, providing a user friendly and intuitive experience. Furthermore forms should be pre-populated with data from the EPR when that information is known and should only ask relevant questions appropriate to the context and previous answers provided.
Forms4health provides all these powerful features and more. Furthermore forms4health provides both a patient facing and NHS facing platform. Forms are defined using international open standards, allowing form definitions to be shared both between the patient and NHS facing platforms, between different institutions and also different applications.